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Client Testimonials

I went to see Kate after suffering with a host of menopausal symptoms including fatigue, hot flushes, weight gain, insomnia, low mood and migraines.  My periods had stopped about 6 months before our first visit.  I’m interested in nutrition and have read a few books on the subject, but didn’t quite know who or what to believe so sought the advice of a professional.

I have to say I wasn’t expecting quite such a professional service.  Kate was very knowledgeable on her topic and gave me clear meal ideas and a few foods I needed to reduce.  She made notes in the session and then followed up with a report a few days later.  I realised a couple of weeks into the programme that I hadn’t had any headaches and the hot flushes were less intense.  When I saw Kate a month later I was only having a few hot nights, but the day sweats had gone.  I was thrilled, so in our next session we looked more at improving my energy and weight loss.   Kate organised thyroid tests and stress hormone tests and the results showed I had high cortisol and was low in a thyroid hormone that is not routinely screened for at the GP.   She made some alternative diet and supplement recommendations and 3 months later, I can now say I feel so much better.

Morag, Edinburgh, August 2016

I had been referred to a consultant by my GP for persistent pain in my hands and occasionally in other joints but the diagnostic tests only showed inflammation with no obvious cause, for which I was told to take anti-inflammatories. Not wanting to rely on pain killers indefinitely and knowing that some foods are thought to contribute to inflammation, I consulted Kate on the recommendation of a friend.
On my first visit Kate took a very thorough medical history during which I mentioned my sluggish digestive system and my brush with cancer five years previously. My stressful job and recent bereavement were also taken into account as Kate analysed my overall well-being and she made her recommendations in a holistic manner.
Kate’s professional attitude and thorough knowledge of her subject gave me confidence and I was pleased she involved me in the action plan and decisions based on the supplements and changes to my diet and lifestyle that she felt would be of benefit. None of these was particularly difficult to incorporate into my daily life.
At my follow up appointment a month later I was delighted to report a marked improvement in the pain in my hands which (after months of discomfort) had almost disappeared, and also a more regular digestion with less bloating. Significantly, when I went on holiday and partly slipped back into my old ways, the pains and the bloating returned. At the second consultation Kate tweaked my supplements and we also discussed ways to address other minor health issues.
I had not expected such a speedy and noticeable result when I consulted Kate and am very pleased with the outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend her.
Deborah,  Edinburgh, August 2016

Virginia, 32, London

I first went to see Kate as I had been suffering with really painful, heavy periods that were too frequent.  I was also getting headaches, my skin wasn’t great and I generally had very little energy. I found our first consultation really useful. Kate thought my symptoms were a result of hormonal imbalances and a sluggish liver- I came away with lots of ideas on what to eat and why, and within the first month I noticed an improvement in all my symptoms. My skin was clearer, my headaches were less often and I had tons more energy. Plus my periods were less painful.  I continue to see Kate on a regular basis and my periods are now much better and I feel really well.   Recently, pretty much everyone in the office came down with the usual winter cold/flu bug, but I didn’t get it.  This is very unusual for me and I’m sure it’s because of my new eating habits and the supplements I’m taking.  Thanks so much Kate for making me feel healthy.


Miriam, London

When I first went to see Kate I was in a nutrition rut. I just couldn’t be bothered to cook in the evenings and I never ate breakfast. Some days I really didn’t eat very much at all and I’d been aware for sometime that I needed to start looking after myself, but I just didn’t know how!  A friend told me about Kate and I’m so glad she did. She’s helped me with meal planning, portion sizes and given me lots of simple recipes and ideas of things to cook or prepare that don’t take much time. She’s also given me shopping lists of what to buy in the supermarket which makes my weekly shop much easier. I now have 3 meals a day and 2 snacks – it’s like a revolution for me . At first, I was frightened I was going to put on weight but I’ve actually lost a bit which I’m happy about.  The biggest difference though is my energy – I can’t believe what a difference the right food makes. I’m now inspired to try all sorts of foods and enjoy them!


Rhys, London

I decided to go and see Kate because I was generally feeling run-down. I’d had recurring bouts of tonsillitis, my energy was low and I was getting really bloated after eating. I also wanted to lose some weight.  I really liked the way Kate and I negotiated my eating plan together.  She was clear about which foods would help and which wouldn’t, but I felt like I had a say in the final programme.  When I came away from our first session I knew I’d be able to stick to it.  I did and now my digestion has improved, my energy’s better and I’ve lost some weight. In the follow-ups we’ve had Kate’s given me recipes and has changed my plan to include different things.  I find our sessions help keep me motivated and remind me how necessary healthy eating is.


Nicky, Edinburgh September 2012

I have been seeking nutritional advice from Kate for a year now to help me prepare for a solo Channel swim attempt in 2013. Despite swimming in some murky waters, subjecting my body to cold water and a tough training regime over a sustained period of time, I have so far been very well. I attribute a large part of this to Kate’s advice on diet, prescription of strong probiotics and other supplements to prevent illness and support recovery. Gaining weight for the challenge has been hard for me and I’ve particularly appreciated Kate’s guidance on how to do this in a sensible manner that supports rather than harms my body in the long run.


Linda Miller, Edinburgh October 2012

After suffering from migraines for the past 25 yrs I thought I knew all my triggers but I was wrong. It was affecting my quality of life on a weekly basis. The symptoms were getting worse and after visits to the GP their answer was stronger pain killers.

I wondered if seeing Kate would help.

At our first meeting Kate suggested removing a few things from my diet. I found the changes in my diet easy to follow. Kate had given me some recipes and ideas to take away, this helped me to remember and I got to try some new foods.

The results have been amazing, the changes happened almost instantly. The results have been better than I could have hoped for. I have noticed a big change with migraines, but I also have noticed that I have more energy and better concentration, I have lost weight and my stomach and bowels are also feeling the benefits. I still have the odd migraine but nothing compared to what I had to live with before seeing Kate. I plan to stay on this change of diet for life as the changes have been remarkable.

I can’t thank Kate enough for helping me introduce the changes in my diet.The changes have been amazing to my quality of life. I truly believe everyone’s health could benefit from meeting Kate.


Luke Cunliffe, January 2013

I first consulted Kate about nutrition on the recommendation of a friend several years ago. He’d found her very helpful while he was going through an arduous physical training regime. At the time I was racing in various ultra-distance marathons and needed to consult an expert in nutrition to get the most out of my training.

Kate’s help extended far beyond just advising me about my racing and training nutrition. She gave me some valuable suggestions into how I could eat better generally. This made a big difference to my health and wellbeing. I still consult with her from time to time as I know and trust her expertise. She continues to be excellent.

She has a gift for balancing genuine empathy and understanding with a no-nonsense and highly professional approach.

I have recommended her to others since I first met her, including one of my corporate clients, a City law firm, which was extremely impressed with a workshop she delivered to a group of staff.
I am very happy to recommend Kate for her expert advice and support.

Anne Venus,  Palestine (via Skype) September 2013

“I am Type II diabetic. By coincidence I met Kate after being with a different nutritionist before. The plan I had previously followed was very inflexible and I felt starving sometimes. Due to weight-loss stagnation I was frustrated and demotivated to continue with it and my sports.
Kate did a wonderful job at identifying areas to improve in my day-to-day diet. It was great to set goals and see the results. She set realistic goals that were easy to incorporate into a busy schedule. I even learned how to keep my blood sugar balanced with small tricks.
I’m motivated, happy and healthy again and I feel strong and fit. Thank you Kate for your great advice and support!”