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DNA Health

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This is a great test if you’re looking to optimise energy, wellbeing and health by making better lifestyle and diet choices to suit your indivdual DNA. The test looks at 28 genes involved in 8 key biological processes, which are all key factors in the onset of chronic disease.

• Insulin resistance
• Cholesterol metabolism
• Methylation (primarily concerned with energy production)
• Inflammation
• Bone health
• Iron metabolism
• Detoxification
• Oxidative stress

For example, you could have a SNP that predisposes you to having elevated triglycerides, or a SNP that could result in a slower ability of breaking down certain hormones or one that could encourage inflammatory markers within the body. We could then implement dietary changes that would help to keep these in check. There are positives to be had to, such as a SNP associated with decreased risk of heart disease.

Price: £279 including a thorough report by Kate with your results and suggested dietary changes clearly explained.

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