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To get the best out of your body physically you need to provide it with the correct fuel, and that’s where sports nutrition comes in.

As a sports nutritionist based in Edinburgh, Kate considers the intake of nutrients, along with the timing and nutritional balance of meals to be of paramount importance in improving your athletic performance, speeding up injury, recovering from training and protecting against injury and infection.

It’s difficult to perform at your best if you’ve got niggling health issues, such as digestive problems, headaches, energy lows or food intolerances. This is why sports nutritional therapy can be of benefit to people taking part in any types of sports. Kate’s nutritional advice can include looking at your carbohydrate, protein and fat ratio but she will also try to improve your overall health by addressing any nutritional imbalances or health issues.

Nutrient Timing

Nutrition advice can target the timing of your meals and snacks quite specifically and enable you to train hard and push yourself that bit further. Sports nutritional therapy ensures you obtain the right ratios of proteins and carbs. It can help you select the foods and drinks that provide the vitamins and minerals you need, so you can limit the strain on your muscles, replace glycogen quickly and help prevent injury and exhaustion.


There are so many sports nutrition supplements on the market. Find out which ones have the research to back up the claims they are making. From a health and performance angle, Kate’s nutritional advice includes informing you which ones use good quality ingredients and don’t include artificial sweeteners or fillers. And, of course, Kate recommends only those free from banned substances and which follow WADA guidlelines.

Injury and recovery

Correct nutrition advice and targeted supplementation can reduce the likelihood of injury or help you recover from existing injuries quicker. Kate has lots of first-hand experience of injuries unfortunately so has had lots of practice in tweaking her sports injury protocols.

Exhaustion and weakened immune system

Intense training can lead to an increased susceptibility to colds and other infections. This can be linked to hormones you produce as a reaction to a heavy training programme or other forms of stress. Your hormone levels and other modulators of the immune system can be tested and a protective protocol put into place.

Achievable and practical advice

Kate’s nutrition advice provides you with snack and meal ideas that don’t take hours to prepare and can be had “on the go” if that’s what you need. She can provide specific dietary plans, shopping lists as well as general suggestions of what kinds of foods may benefit you.
Prior to the consultation you will be asked to fill out a health and diet questionnaire and provide information on your training schedule. Your sports nutrition programme will be based on your individual needs.

Initial sports consultation

Initial sports consultation in Edinburgh or via Skype

1 hour 30 mins £75

Follow up sports consultation

1 hour £50

30 mins £30

Kate offers sports nutrition from locations in central Edinburgh, Stockbridge and Herriot Watt University.


Prior to the consultation you will be asked to fill out a sports questionnaire and a health and diet questionnaire. Your programme will be based on your individual needs.

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